Drool: verb

1. to water at the mouth,
as in anticipation of food; salivate.

2. to show excessive pleasure or anticipation of pleasure

Drool: noun

A place where we assure you will do both of the above.


The vibrant atmosphere of Drool Kitchen immediately captures you from the moment you step in. From its convenient location near the metro station to the dedicated staff, Drool Kitchen strives to acquaint you with a novel style of dining. Its fresh approach to the concept of a fun night out in town has no precedent in the city.

The live pizza station flares gleefully as it bakes delicious pizzas to perfection. Inside our culinary wizards are at work as well, creating wonders for your palate. Enjoy them seated in the heart of activity or in your own private alcove with your company. 
Come drool at the assortment of cuisines we have to offer. We have all the ingredients for good food, for a great time.